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B-Sides N°1 (complete) - download


The other 32 tracks that didn't make it on "Essence1" !! Includes the B-Sides N°1 mix, like you know it from YouTube (as high quality MP3). This downloadable package might take a while to be downloaded, because it is lots of data (900MB+ when you choose the High Quality (320k) MP3 option). This is because you get 32 tracks, which are about 8 minutes in length, in high quality, plus the 2,5h long YouTube mix! Need help with deciding on the format? Almost any player, also iTunes and iPod, plays MP3's. So, in case you're not sure what to choose, I recommend High-Quality MP3 (320kb/s), unless you use Apple/iTunes only - go for AAC then. In case something works different than expected after buying and downloading, let me know. There's always a solution. - Michael (relaxdaily) ps: let me also know via the "contact" form, if you would rather prefer a CD product. I might produce some, if there is enough demand.

This offer contains:

-relaxdaily - B-Sides N°1 - YouTube Mix - MP3

Audio Format Options:
-AAC (iTunes/iPod compatible)
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Apple Lossless

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